Amber Frey?

This is why I hate (most) lawyers. I'm watching this twit in a tailored suit, Gloria Alred, who represents Amber Frey (Scott Peterson's ex-lover, the guy who killed his wife). The Twit-in-the-Tailored-Suit is going on ad-nauseum about how Amber is a wonderful and courageous woman.


Why is she courageous? Because she went bellyside-up with a married fertilizer salesman?

I know. I know. She didn't know the guy was married. Bullshit. Ladies, when a guy you're involved with comes over to your place to poke you once every 10 days, never invites you to his place and only gives you his cell phone number, odds are good that you're the other woman. Come on, Amber. This guy sells bullshit for a living!

This girl, Amber, is no heroine just because she slept with a felon. I slept with a girl who would later light my car on fire. I'm not entertaining any book deals. Hell, every trailor park in the country is chock full of women who've "been familiar" with outlaws. Maybe they should get make-overs, ditch the Marlboros, retain the Twit-in-the-Tailored-Suit, and go on Greta Van Susteren.

I heard Amber's already making the rounds in ritzy Manhattan circles. I know I'd like to meet her: she's got an ass worth killing for. But she's no heroine. She's just a massage therapist who bought the wrong guy's brand of fertilizer.


Anonymous said...

I've heard she's a good judge of character, too.


Toni said...

Reminds me of this line in Chris Rock's song, "No Sex in the Champagne Room":

If you've been dating a guy for 4 months and haven't met any of his friends, YOU ARE NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND.