I feel sorry for dentists

I really do feel for dentists. They don't get the respect they deserve.

Teeth are the only part of the body you don't need to be a doctor to mess with. If you specialize on any other part of the human body, you have to be a medical doctor. You get to put "M.D." after your name and watch a likeness of yourself on hit TV shows such as E.R., Scrubs and Chicago Hope. Hopefully, if you're a doctor, you're not depicted by that little bald prick on E.R. with the attitude problem.

Eyes, ears, liver, skin -- even the feet have their own doctor. But when it comes to your teeth, the medical community got together and said, "Hey. You know what? Don't worry about medical school. They're just teeth. Say, how good are you with a drill?"

I'd like my dentist to be an M.D. You've got to know a lot about the human body. What about that gas that comes out of the happy nose -- nitrous oxide. That's potent shit. Think about it. You need an M.D. to prescribe Viagra. The worst case scenario there is an erection that lasts "more than 4 hours." Nitrous can kill you -- although you wouldn't mind at the time.


Toni said...

Actually, my cousin's a dentist and from what I know, he makes a buttload of cash. Then again, he has to poke in people's mouths to earn it.

KaTe-* said...

You also need to be able to handle a needle, and not have the shakes... unlike MY dentist who just loves making my tongue go numb.

Blog ho said...

Dentists are living out their karmic...karma. They spent many a year pulling teeth w/out novacaine, cutting hair and talking to you while their arms are in your mouth, they get what they deserve. fuckers.

Anti-Blogger said...

A proctologist is also an MD. Just doesn't seem right. And why isn't there a TV show about a Butt Doctor?

Also, is a 4 hour erection really that bad of a side-effect? Seems like it could be put to good use. Maybe even make some money from it.

Blog ho said...

I, for one, have spent thousands on a 4 hour erection.

aughra said...

Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession.

Wyatt Junker said...

Beware of the dentist with bold congealing in his hair.

They are nothing more than midieval hangmen getting off on it.

Have you seen their siny trays of stainless steel lately. Its way too Benihana for me. They are like the Braveheart goons who gutted Wallace in the final scene.