Just a burp

I hate when somebody burps a loud and obnoxious burp, the kind of burp that reveals what he had for lunch that day, and then someone else expresses outrage at the burper. So the burper responds, "aren't you glad it didn't come out the other end?"

Yeah, I thank my lucky stars, pal. How thoughtful you were to belch right now instead of ripping a fart 30 minutes from now when I would have been miles away.

See a doctor already.


Jack Mercer said...

Had chinese today...Its been silent...but deadly. The burps I'm talking about...

Jen said...

Well then it's a good thing you aren't a pregnant woman because you would drive yourself crazy with the loud burping.

Anonymous said...

You just described my son and my husband perfectly. Drives me nuts! Honey give me a kiss..bblllrrrrpp. Oh, please, can I now? Sexy sexy.

Veggie said...

My grandfather's poem:

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry
from the bottom of my heart
If it would have come the other way
it would have been a fart."

Died of a heart attack at 63. Coincidence? I think now. LOL.

People are foul.