This holiday season, my family and I watched the latest round of Christmas commercials on TV, which included the latest in plasma televsion technology.

I had already stunned my brain with gluttony and a few spiked egg nogs when Hitachi revealed its new plasma screen on television.

"Wow," I thought. "That's a beautiful picture. I want to watch a TV like that!"

I'm sure all the sober readers see the flaw in my thinking: that picture -- the one I just fell in love with -- is on the TV I have right now! I don't need to spend $6,000 on a new TV; the one I have is already knocking my socks off.

I can blame my temporary stupidity on tryptophan and alcohol. What's Hitachi's excuse? After all, they're trying to show me how beautiful their picture is on my Walmart 36", Korean-made TV. That's like trying to explain how hot Marcia Brady was by showing a poloroid of Jan.

I'm keeping my television and staying drunk. It's cheaper than a new plasma.

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RIGGED_ said...

Headon back Ponts, Eblog is back up and runnin.

Dude, I ain't gettin no more Tubes of vision, I'm stickin with what I already have. Yea HDTV/Plasma looks a tad bit better but it ain't worth that much cutter.
I'll wait till they come out with SuperPlasma then go out and buy 300 Hdtv set. lol