Real-life GI Joes?

I often wonder about the gentlemen I see wearing camouflage jackets -- not enlisted servicemen, but civilians decked out in camo.

Do they fear being seen? Do they labor under the delusion that others are hunting them? Perhaps Martians would fix their lasers on them if only they could distinguish them from the forest. Maybe they're just trying to blend in. Or, am I uninformed on the latest fashion trend: urban camouflage.

Actually, the jackets are pretty cool. I like to call them "Columbine Letterman's Jackets." I know if I were taking a squeege in the woods, I'd like to do so under the cover of camouflage. But then again, my ass would be the only thing without camouflage. And it would make a swell target for hunters. I guess I'd better hold it until the rest stop down the road.


MoLLieO said...

Columbine Letterman's Jackets ... sounds like a party!

Just wanted to leave a comment because you left me one!

See ya.. Lightning Bug's Butt ..

Miss Fabulous said...

My dad once got poison oak from droppin' trow in the woods. Not pleasant.

Jack Mercer said...

Hi Pontif...like you I moved...well, actually I was here first then moved to Ebloggy. Anyhow, my new roost is www.newssnipet.blogspot.com Drop by and visit sometime when I start getting it up and running proper...ALWAYS appreciated your visits and comments. I've added bugsbutt to my favs...Jack

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys suck, leaving all of us eBloggies *pout* Now it's just totally inconvenient for me to get my Ponti and JackMercer fixes. But.... I gotta have 'em. At least Octo is still at eBloggy. :0P

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