Where there's smoke, there's a fire exit. Hopefully.

Add fire exits to the long, long list of things I don't understand.

What's the purpose of a fire exit? Specifically, why do we reserve certain exits for fires only. It's not like we're going to "use up" the exit and it won't be there when we need it. It's a doorway. A rectangle opening in the wall of a building. Fire is only one of many reasons we need exits. Cutting out of work early on a Friday -- without being seen -- is another.

What about other emergencies? What about a flood, an earthquake, a bomb threat? What if they cast Keanu Reeves in another drama role? These are all emergencies requiring a near-by exit. I say we should be able to dart out the firedoor.

Some of you may be thinking, the reason is because an alarm is build into the door handle. Sometimes, yes. But why don't we just put the fire alarm next to the fire door?

Speaking of fire alarms, what's with this "in case of fire, break glass." Great, the fire isn't dangerous enough? Now I've got to punch my wrist through a box of glass shards? I don't think you should have to commit misdemeanor vandalism to sound a goddamn fire alarm. If I'm going to break any glass, it's going to be the window -- so I can jump out of the building.


Jack Mercer said...

Wisdom beyond your years. Thats why you will always be Pontif to me...

Blog ho said...

Keanu must die.

Toni said...

But Keanu is such a "good ac-thor"!