You wanted it when?

I hate hard-ass bosses who use the following phrase to emphasize the urgency of a situation:

"I want that report on my desk yesterday."

Oh, really? Well, it that's the case, why did you wait until today to tell me about it? You procrastinating jerkoff.

When somebody tells me they wanted something "yesterday," I ask them to tell me about it the day after tomorrow, when I'm less busy.

Or, I say, "I want to hear about your problems the day before yesterday, when I had time do something about it, Your Highness."


Jack Mercer said...

Don't have a boss like this right now, Bug, but I have a way of dealing with them when I do.

Veggie said...

Fuck work. I'm spending my whole paycheck on Powerball tickets. Hahahahaha.... (yeah right)