After you, my dear sir

I'll tell you who bothers me: These guys who don't accept the right of way at a 4-way stop. You know the ones. They clearly come to a complete stop FIRST, but after you stop, they give you the wave, that condescending wave to proceed. You know, like YOU'RE the idiot. First you wait for him to move his ass as taffic statutes mandate. Then you look in the car and see some jerkoff who looks like he's swatting mosquitos or having a seizure.

They need to go FIRST. Put it in gear, dipshit. Show some initiative. Make like there's a titty bar or perhaps a WalMart on the other side of the road, or whatever attracts people with your I.Q. Did you go down on your driver's ed teacher to get your license? You know the rules. You stopped first; you go first. Always insist on the right of way. That's my motto.

And at night, they give you the flashing bright-lights. What is that whole thing? I think it's Morse Code for "I'd rather play with myself than accept the right of way. Go ahead."

I'll bet these are the same dipshit who ride your ass even though you're going 10 mph over the limit. But when he reaches a 4-way stop, all of the sudden he turns into Citizen-Fuckin'-Kane with his good manners and waving. "After you, good sir."

This isn't Maybury M.F.D, motherfucker. I hope somebody T-bones your ass when you finally do make it into the intersection. Grow some balls, jerk.

I try to stay positive, though. Driving angry isn't a good idea.


Lizabeth said...

I so agree, I can NOT stand those people. I always wave the condescending wave back with a you HAVE the rightaway dumbass. Whew!

darthmoridin said...

I just shoot 'em.

8ZERO8 said...
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8ZERO8 said...

Three words: They must die!

Two more words: Traffic circles.

Toni said...

Yeah, these people annoy me, but these two kinds of people really piss me off:

1.) Joggers who insist on jogging practically smack dab in the middle of the street. Dude, you're not the King of the Street. You don't own it. And you're definitely not Superman! You will get splattered all over the street if a car going at 50 mph hits you. Fucktards.

2.) Pedestrians in parking lots who walk right in the middle of the parking lots. Thus you're forced to drive ever so slowly behind them, and when you try to get their attention they turn around and look at you as if you're bothering them. MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

BC said...

Here is a fun thing to do if your not in a hurry. Just keep sitting there even if they wave sit there. It's fun to see them freak out. Do it it's good for a couple of chuckles

Wyatt Junker said...

My wife and I have that very same argument whenever we try and figger out who should spooge first.

I always win though.

Funny that.

Useful Idiots said...

Just barrel right thru them four way stops ...let God sort it out. Hmmm maybe thats why I dont drive anymore.

Useful Idiots said...

I just barrel right thru them four ways and let God sort it out.Been lucky so far ....I think