Michael Moore-gasms

Michael Moore-Donuts gets more credit that he deserves. How can a guy be a "visionary" when he can't see his own pecker?

I mean, this guy is fat. Has anybody checked his ass-crack for the weapons of mass destruction?

I know, I know. Cheap shot. But this guy's making a career of cheap shots. If he wants to comment on the excesses of American Culture, maybe he should hit a few less all-you-can-eat buffets.

Comes off a bit insincere.

Michael Moore-Donuts makes my thankful for coronary artery disease.


History Dude said...

While Imus usually uses the term in reference to Dick Cheney, I think it applies to Moore also--Pork Chop Sucking Weasel

You've Got What I Need... said...

maybe he's just big boned.

Jack Mercer said...

He's just as he described...a stupid white male. Good thing minorities in this country still have a chance...