Some unfortunate names

Although these are fine names, you just don't want them in the year 2005:

1) Chris P. Kareem
2) Scott Peterson
3) Al Kyta
4) Richard Little
5) Jim Shoe
6) Mr. Bates Well
7) Dusty Dick
8) Mike Hootch


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Mike Hootch. I had to say it out loud before I got the joke, by that time my co-workers got it also.

Toni said...

You forgot to mention Mike Hunt.

I think there was a guy in my school who was really named Michael Hunt. I guess his parents didn't love him when he was born.

Jack Mercer said...

Can we add "John Kerry" to that?

Blog ho said...

Jack Meehoff?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I actually considered John Kerry. But then I backed off. Poor bastard has enough grief just living with that C-bomb of a wife.

Toni said...

How about Amanda Hugenkiss and IP Freely? Ok, those came from the Simpsons, but eh?

True story though. Although most buildings at universities are named after big time donors or distinguished Presidents (Haines Hall, Bunche Hall, Harper Hall etc.), there's one library at UCLA simply called URL- the University Research Library. Why isn't it named after its major donor? Because when you go inside and find the bust of this man, you'll see that his name is HUGH G. DICK. I shit you not. I went to school at UCLA and would crack up everytime I passed that bust.

Interestingly enough, the library lived up to its unofficial name as it's a hot spot for students who liked to get busy between the isles.

Useful Idiots said...

There was famous torso murder case in Toronto a years back .Seems this lady Evelyn Dick cut up her husband and when the facts came out at trial one of the local newspapers ran a big headline How Could You Mrs.Dick ?