Ye shall ponder

  • If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, is a train only as strong as its weakest car? What about a chain gang? I guess it's only as strong as its weakest con. A chain smoker? The weakest butt. I'll move on now...
  • There's a new, 0ver-the-counter pregnancy test with a digital display that reads "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant." The commercial says, "things couldn't be clearer." No? How about showing the name of the biological father? That might clear some things up!
  • It's too bad dinosaurs went extinct. Think of how much hamburger meat you could get off of one of them.
  • We all now know what a "Tsunami" is, and how deadly they can be. But we ought to rename them. Something that dangerous shouldn't sound like a deli meat.
  • The only time I enjoy wearing a cowboy hat is in a movie theater.
  • Adam Sandler made three songs -- and a bunch of money -- identifying Jewish people. I'm going to write a song like that -- only with Catholics. So far I've got the Pope and Mel Gibson.
  • If planes' wings lift them up, how do they fly upside-down?


Wyatt Junker said...

Steven Wright could use a guy like you in the spiraling staircase of his bald little head. I like the way you think. Keep up the good work.

Punkin said...

Hi Ponti!

I'm at blogspot now too! It looks like eBloggy is down again and I created a blog here for backup. I'm still maverickpunkin.

Veggie said...

Good luck with the Catholic song... let me know if you need any tips. You could make it "Ode to the Blood of Christ" or something... hahahah...

My dog's middle name was Tsunami. I have to change it now.