The Dukes of Hazzard Ethics Committee

I'll bet when the Duke Boys were around their cousin, Daisy, they wondered to themselves whether it's OK to have sex with a 2nd degree relative.

Yet not one episode showed Bo or Luke inquiring Uncle Jessie whether Daisy was a cousin by marriage, or whether she was a "blood relative." That's something I would have found out during episode #1 if I were a Duke boy! Not that it would matter. Either way, Daisy was going to be "deflowered."

Forget helping Uncle Jessie distill his famous moonshine. I'd be in the barn helping Daisy pick out which pair of denim shorts to wear that day.

Speaking of Uncle Jessie, I wonder if he ever got familiar with old Daisy Duke. Did you see the sparkle in his eyes when Daisy trotted across the barnyard? All it would have taken was a couple sips of moonshine and Daisy would have been dancing on the pole.

Hopefully they'll answer some of my concerns in the upcoming movie.


Anti-Blogger said...

Everyone knows Cooter did Daisy all day every day. Bo and Luke never had a chance.

Toni said...

What do you mean, "They wondered to themselves whether it's OK to have sex with a 2nd degree relative"? They were from the South- there was no wondering about it. I'm sure the boys had all sorts of orgies every night with Daisy...and each other.

Blog ho said...

took hours for me to say this because of response...just so you know the lenghts i took to get here. i swam the fucking channel. Shit, i forgot what i was ... oh, yes. i giggled while reading until i read that they're making a movie. then i exploded. in rage.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Good point, AB and Toni. And Blog Ho, I'm glad you could make it.

Saucy Monk said...

sure, Cooter did Daisy, but we're all forgetting Boss Hog buggered poor ol' Coots. Why else d'ya think he was called "boss hog"?

I just don't wanna know why Cooter was cooter.

Lizabeth said...

Overheard at the daycare I work at:
Boy (5): Do you ever see Dukes of Hazzard?
Girl (5 or 6): No, is it funny?
Boy: NO! Its just cool!
Girl: Oh
Boy: It has a RACE car.
Girl: Oh (and goes to find someone else to play with)

Maybe you had to be there, but these kids were like 5 and I thought it was pretty funny/cute. You suppose daddy of the boy watches it?

Bloogers Byline said...

Miss Daisy has retired here in Hoot Town.she spends her days lookin after ol Boss Hogg cuz his daughters wont.ol Boss has sure got thin ,folks think its what Miss Daisy is feedin him