Your car has nothing to do with the weather

Have you ever heard these guys who claim the reason it rained is because they just washed their cars?

How self-centered can you be? Not only does the world revolve around you, but when you're busy, it revolves around your car!

It rains because of clouds. Mother nature doesn't care if you just waxed your faggy, low-rider rice burner with the ground effects.

Guys like this are to blame for movies like The Fast and the Furious.

Dudes, the car doesn't make the man. The car just gets you to your job at Burger King. And you're gonna have to flip a lot of burgers to pay for those rims you threw on a '96 Nissan Sentra 4-door.

The next time it rains, I hope the puddles slide these Fast and the Furious Fucks into the nearest telephone pole.


Stace said...

I AM IN TOTAL DISGUST!!! :) I LIKE THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, RECENTLY THOUGHT ABOUT ADDING GROUND EFFECTS TO MY "RICE BURNER" HOW DARE YOU. But hey everyone is intitled to their own opinion, funny how you put it though, I still couldn't help but laugh, b/c it is true anytime I get TIME to wash my car, here come the clouds. Oh well my piece will be dirty until it rains again. ;-) HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

darthmoridin said...

What these people don't realize is that they're actually psychic. If every time they was their car it rains the next day, they should step back and look at it. If they've got it in their noggins that today is the day to wash, then it must mean that rain is coming in the next day or so. It's like those people with bum knees that can predict the weather, except instead of a bad joint they've got a Sentra. They should harness this incredible power instead of bitching about it.

Teaspoon said...

For me all I have to do is run. I went running on Sunday morning by Sunday afternoon it was downpouring and did not stop for 4 days. This stopped me from really getting into a running regimen. Because hey what nutball is going to go running in the rain.

then the next weekend It had been sunny for the last 3 days so I decide I really want to get in shape and need to start running, before I even finished my second lap around the park it started raining. And again it rained for like 5 days straight.

I am personally responsible for the mad amount of rain that happened here in Southern California last month.

Basically God hates me and wants me to be fat and lazy and sitting in front of my TV playing Halo 2.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Haallo twoooooo

Toni said...

You've GOT to check this site out.


sCruuw said...

Anastacia~ I am with you...refer to this post on my blog,

It is part of our religion!
Nothing wrong with pretty boys in pretty cars!

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

These are the same people that when asked, "How are you?" reply with "If I told the truth, would anybody care? Ha ha ha."

I stricly use "hello" or "good morning" to avoid such painful displays of supposedly clever social interaction.

Lyvvie said...

Everyone knows it only rains when you step on/kill a spider...the only way washing one's car would induce rain is if you killed the little spider that lives in all side mirrors and makes little webs there every day.

I think they come standard in all models..their function is a mystery but I think it's to kep bugs out of the car.

Lizabeth said...

I'm guilty, I said that once, but I didn't mean it. I was just kidding. I know its not my fault it rained. I do think I need to put a spoiler, ground effects and sweet rims on my corolla.

Jack Mercer said...

Now the BIRDS on the other hand, they know a clean restroom when they see one....

Quixotic Cat said...

I'm with you Bug! I had a hot car once, and washing it never caused it to rain! (We kept it in the garage... Mua Ha Ha!)

And while I don't appreciate the speed racers of the world, I do think Vin Diesel(sp?) is Yummy :)