Love blocks

You know what's romantic? Those sidewalk blocks with all the love graphiti on them. When we were kids, we called them "love blocks." When teenagers found a block of wet cememt, they'd commemorate their love by etching a heart and arrow with their initials and sentiments of love into construction work paid for by our tax dollars. How sweet.

You know what I'd like to see? A sidewalk block 20 years later, in the same neighborhood, where the same people etch how much they hate their former lovers -- and why. We could call it a "hate block." Or maybe an ex-block. Imagine the inscriptions:

"Bitch ran out after 15 years on me and 3 kids."

"Wife-beatin' asshole's finally in jail."

"Joe didn't seem gay when I married him."

"Ralph = cocksucker."

Wouldn't it be romantic?

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