A blog by any other name

Do you remember when you started your blog and you had to dream up a cool name for it? What fun! It had to be something clever and intriguing. It had to say something about you. And it had to give the reader an idea of your blog's style and subject matter.

I screwed the pooch when I named my blog after a bug's ass. But it's too late now. Here's a list of others I might have used had I the chance to do it all over again:
  • Pontificate or Perish (my first blog. Cool, huh?)
  • The Two-Martini Mambo
  • Crumbs from my Conscience
  • The Neutron Bomb of Bullshit
  • Shakespeare Smokin' Crack
  • Medusa Oblongata
  • Highballs and Hand Grenades
  • Fruity Pebbles Sugar Buzz
  • The Botched Vasectomy
  • Fireworks and Flowers
  • What's Shakin' in the Men's Room
  • The Whale's Blow Hole
  • Reckless Mouthpiece

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