The Sopranos: A Critique

My thoughts on HBO's The Sopranos:

Let's discuss all the anger. I haven't seen more pissed off Italians since they strung up Mousolini. I can't figure why they're so angry. They drive nice cars and own huge homes. They have plenty of money. They eat all the time. I can't pronouce most of the stuff they eat, but it looks pretty good. What the heck is "gabagool?"

Plus, those mafia guys have hot-and-cold running women. You can't swing a pasta noodle without slapping some stipper's boobs. But what's weird is, the guys beat the women more than they have sex with them. I wonder if Ike Turner is a creative consultant. Seriously though, it's like an ass-bomb exploded on that show. Those girls are Jerry-Seinfeld's-girlfriends-hot. And for reasons escaping me, they all want to bed-down with guys who look like Frank Sinatra's retarded brother. Ma-don!

Every scene involves eating, nudity, sex, or an Italian stand-off between characters. It's a lot like MTV's Real World, except the actors aren't annoying, self-centered posers.

Oh, and I'm not sure, but I think I heard one of the Sopranos say the "f-word!"

Food, sex and stand-offs. That's why I like it so much. But I just don't understand all the anger.

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