The ganja's always greener...

Job dissatisfaction disturbs and depresses me, and we have a whole bunch of it in America. Select somebody at random -- in any trade or profession -- and more than likely, they're looking for a way out. But the new line of work they're trying to get into has other people fighting to get out of it. If the new thing didn't make those people happy, it's not going to make the new people happy either. So, the entire job market is just a game of Screw Your Neighbor -- everybody handing off their stink piles to desperate, unsuspecting job seekers on the other side of the revolving door.

It doesn't stop with jobs. The same goes for houses. One family's dream house is the current owners' gas station restroom. The shitter's filthy; the Protect-O-Covers just ran out and there's a glory hole in the neighboring stall. We're all trying to break into something new after pawning off our old, used-up crap on some poor, unsuspecting fool with a pre-approved loan.

The same goes for cars, too. How many times have you tried to sell your car to somebody and during the test drive, you're praying they don't press in the cigarette lighter because a piston will pop out through the muffler? And all the while, you've got your eyes on a sporty minivan with diaper stains and glued-in gummy worms the current owner hopes you won't notice in the upholstery.

The same principle applies to our love lives. When it comes to courtship, we're all just mate-swapping. So all of you out there knocking yourselves out, failing to attract your current love interest, take solace in the fact that your crush is somebody else's restraining order. After all, everybody is somebody's ex. Yet, how many of us would recommend an ex to a friend?

The moral to the story is: be happy with what you're stuck with. Otherwise, life will be an exercise in upgrading your problems. Let it go. You'll go a lot further.

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Maniac said...

Great post...Oh so true.