Sirius Sucks

My regular readers know me as a patient, mild-mannered soul who spreads a message of love, compassion and understanding through his weblog. Today I plan to deviate a bit. I'd like to publish a complaint against Sirius(-ly Sucks) Satellite Radio. I invite you to read my complaint. Contemplate it. Mull it over. Consider both sides objectively. Come to a fair, impartial judgement. Then send Sirius hate mail at once. Resolve to buy XM (should you be in the market for satellite radio) and tell everybody you know that Sirius(-ly Sucks) Satellite Radio is the love-child of Beelzebub and that guy, Simon, from American Idol.

Here's a verbatim copy of the letter I sent Sirius(-ly Sucks) on 9 January of this year. It'll bring you up to speed:

Please direct this complaint to someone who can do something about it.

I recently pre-registered my rebate via your website. Preparing to mail the form and copies of my purchase receipt to Sirius, I learned that I still must furnish copies of the original receipt code. Why on earth would that be?

I don't save packages. I don't have a warehouse on my residential property.

You're running a deceitful, fraudulent practice with this rebate scam. If I've preregistered, paid my subscription and hold a valid receipt of the radio I bought from you, why do you still need a UPC code? The goal of this runaround is to screw your customers out of 50 dollars. I know it. You know it.

And you and I aren't the ONLY ones who will know it if you fail to deliver my 50 dollars. The Better Business Bureau will know it, too. So will all my friends and family members. All the clients at my place of employment will know -- should the subject of Satellite radio come up. I'll encourage each of them to buy XM.

If my badmouthing your company and service to every consumer advocacy organization and person I know is worth the 50 bucks you're trying to defraud me, by all means ignore this message and don't send me my rebate.

Until I receive my 50 dollar rebate, I'll make good on the above. Count on it.

I don't want phone calls, form mails or "we're sorry but's..." I want the rebate you promised when I purchased the radio.


[Lightning Bug's Butt]

Gee, I feel better just reading that letter again. And I'm going to get me some more satisfaction right now. All next week, my readers can look forward to nightly posts bashing Sirius, it's shoddy business practices, crappy equipment and underwhelming website broadcasting.

So stop by every night next week. Tell your friends. And leave a comment if you'd like. I'd love to hear from you!


Miss Sassy said...

Serius(-ly), I didn't like them from the beginning... that stupid dog and that stupid name... now at least I have a reason.

My roomie lost $50 to bingo night at a temple where all the old Jewish ladies bashed her for screaming Bingo and not actaually Having Bingo... that would be a worse way to go in my book - at least this way you don't get the guilt trip =)

got milk? said...

I was once denied a $10 rebate on a can of air (the kind you use to clean computer keyboards). Same reason: no UPC code. I patiently attempted to explain that the UPC code was stamped directly onto the can's metal; therefore, it was impossible to remove unless I wished to release all the air that I had purchased, thus rendering the product useless. Never got my rebate.

Miss Sassy said...

I was FIRST!! hahahahahaha
I'm never first!! YEAH ME!!!

Its late on Friday and its now all about the little things.

Pirate said...

consider me another nickle in your plight to destroy Sirius. I stand behiond you in rebellion commrade. Bring the bastards on .

Anti-Blogger said...

One time a hooker offered a rebate as long as I submitted the receipt with a UPC code. Man, I got screwed in that one.

I have never seen you so committed to a cause like this one. Consider me standing by your side.

Smitty said...

I think you're getting the fallout from me receiving a second (free) year of Sirius when I only paid for one. I still don't know how that happened.

Sorry about that.

StringMan said...

I hate those bastards. Two of three family members have been screwed by them. I'll stand behind the door with the baseball bat. You just give me the signal when you want to see them go down.

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Your letter was oddly erotic...
gotta love it when LBB swings his balls around.

(WTF? I accidentally deleted my own comment?? I gotta lower my dosage)

Julie said...

What fucktards! Go get them too, I have pms and need a target!

Junebugg said...

I got your back, we Buggs have to stick together!!!

Hey, if I'm behind you that shiney lit up tail of yours won't burn me will it?

Weary Hag said...

Too late LBB. I already have XM and wouldn't trade it for all the sand that gets stuck in your trunks after a day at the beach.

I will however, back you up on this. Though I never went with Sirius in the first place, a friend of mine did and felt ripped off from the start.

Way to go posting your complaint letter and plastering their name all over your blog ... only thing I might have added to the end of that letter was three words, "I got people."

And you sure have LBB, you sure have.

tornwordo said...

It took me a minute to stop laughing from the VERY FIRST line of this post.

I'm behind you a million percent, and I hope that the situation is resolved to your satisfaction.

(I've been bashing Blockbuster for many years for a heinous business practice they used to uphold. )

nongirlfriend said...

Vicente has XM. I don't have one of those thingies, yet. But I will boycott them like they were KFC.

Spinning Girl said...

I love a good ass-kicking. I'm putting on a bib and staying ring-side for this one.

NWJR said...

If you succeed in bringing down the Sirius Empire™, I'm gonna have you help me in my quest to destroy Verizon.

This is gonna be fun!

CaCaBoy said...

You should have included your enormous readership influence, and cult like followers that would happily kill anyone that makes their object of affection unhappy!

You don't want to make my object of affection unhappy..........

poopie said...

There goes the patient mild-mannered persona. Heh ;)

Sean Padraic said...

I just received a postcard yesterday from Sirius declining my rebate because "an original copy of the ESN/SID barcode was not submitted."

Here's the rub - it was submitted. I printed out the online form, filled it out, sent the receipt, circled the shit they wanted me to circle, cut out the UPC and sent it all in. With my stuff taped to the form, highlighted - just as anal as can be - checked and double checked it...motherfuckers. Lost my UPC. So they send me a postcard. Declined. When I submitted this stuff, my girlfriend and I sat down at the table and filled all the crap out at the same time, because we both bought radios. She got her rebate last week. I got a denial postcard. Some shithead at the rebate processing center no doubt came back from his three-joint lunch, and lost part of my overly-complicated paperwork.

So, I called Sirius customer service - very pissed off. I say "I can't send a UPC, because I don't have one. I sent it to you. However, I still have an empty box with the UPC cut out of it." [Which I'd like you to fold up real small and stick way up your ass!] The customer service rep (who is in India, I can tell, so I can't, without great effort, find him at some office building and take a nice dump in the middle of his desk) tells me to take my Sirius radio, photocopy it and send that in with the denial postcard, and they'll see about processing my claim. He says that one way or another, they'll credit me. I'll believe it when I see it.

Unlike you, I did not throw out the box. Even though I cut off the UPC. Somehow, I had a bad feeling the Man was near, and waiting to stick it to me. The process of getting the rebate was so complex that I had a bad feeling they were going to try and screw me. (A similar situation happened to me last year with 1-800 Contacts.)

Here's the deal. In the corporate rebate game, it's called "slippage" they count on it for profitability. You are absolutely right - they don't want to give you your $50 rebate. They want you to give up and go away. They want to keep your money to pay for their Howard Stern/CBS lawsuit, and really good lunches with cocktails at expensive NYC restaurants. And you know the retailer and Sirius will continue advertising the lower, after-rebate price. They know rebate submissions are complicated, and most people will give up.

BUT TAKE HEART! You can be a pain in the ass for them! Here is how: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/consumerism/rebate_madness04.html
When you send letters to Consumer Affairs, and the offices of Attorneys General, they HAVE TO FILL OUT LOTS OF PAPERWORK in order to provide detailed responses. I know, as I worked for Toys"R"Us at their corporate headquarters many moons ago, and saw how complicated the process is. Plus, if enough of us share this information and complain as consumers - Consumer Affairs may do something to stop the process of hyping rebates. Or at least forcing them to be handled on-line in a fashion that serves the consumer.

I realize sending a complaint letter is another hassle, but I hope some people will consider filing complaints to Sirius, Consumer Affairs and appropriate Attorneys General. If you're taking the time to blog about it, you can probably send a letter. Please pass this information along.

Video X said...

i'm terrible at rebates. i'm the person they count on NOT applying for their rebate. i bought a $300 phone in march. i forgot to send in the thing...then i realized it was too late. that was worth $150. then i proceeded to lose that phone in november. replaced it with a $200 phone. then i dropped that phone in a hot tub a week later. i went back to the same place i bought it from to replace the hot tub phone with another $200 phone. the guy wouldnt even give me a discount of any kind. i had everything from the week before...i felt he could at least make me feel a little less idiotic by giving me a freaking $10 off or something...but no.

Lipgloss said...

that was fucking awesome! You could profit from a skill like that, people everywhere would pay to have you create customer satisfaction letters for them.

Webmiztris said...

original receipt code? WTF is that?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

If you got an email address for the hokey bastards, put it up and some of us can hassle them.

Bennet said...

I never trusted them from the get-go because anyone that trys to pretend sir sounds like ser is obviously full of lies, and thinks people are very gullible.

They're cheating people out of money to pay Howard Stern's salery...for which they can't afford...

phlegmfatale said...

I don't have their product, but as a show of solidarity with you, I'll send evil thoughts their way!

Dave Morris said...

I. Hate. Rebates. As you know, I rail against them constantly on my blog, they are simply a way to defraud the public by advertising a price lower than you actually get.

Add Cingular, Verizon, DirecTV and a litany of other violators to your list of business-swill who practice legal fraud.

Ironically, today I was explaining rebates to my daughter at Walgreens, where they were giving away mousse "free." Pay 2.99 now, send in the rebate form, and get a 2.99 rebate. Trick is, most people don't get it because the companies make it too difficult to comply. So they advertise free mousse legally.


Ari said...

You are a master. Woe be unto the customer service rep who runs afoul of you. I salute you.

Junebugg said...

It seems that you're getting spamed or spammed or whatever. I hate damn commericals.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Hope this helps:

Oh great One said...

I'm with you LBB! I don't own a Sirius radio and don't ever plan on getting satelite service but I got your back!

GRRR Sirius GRRRR!!!!

blogagog said...

I almost switched to XM last month even though my car came with a lifetime subscription to sirius. I couldn't believe they stopped broadcasting FOX, which is one of the 6 stations I mostly listen to.

They said they are putting FOX back on next week, so I'm not switching in protest, but my next car will definitely have XM in it.

Becky said...

I myself, got Sirius for Christmas, like most people. I'm a hard core Stern fan, but I have to agree Sirius sucks! The stations are just terrible, music wise I mean. You'd think there would be more of a selection, maybe I'm just whining for no good reason, but I really expected much better!

PBS said...

I had something like that happen when I bought speakers (from a different company--of course ha ha!) a few years ago. Good for you to go after them. They suck.

Molicious said...

I've had XM for the last year and couldn't be more happy.

Good for you, fight 'em hard LBB!

Ghost Dog said...

I thought this part was totally Airwolf:

"You're running a deceitful, fraudulent practice with this rebate scam. If I've preregistered, paid my subscription and hold a valid receipt of the radio I bought from you, why do you still need a UPC code? The goal of this runaround is to screw your customers out of 50 dollars. I know it. You know it."

My rebate luck has been pretty hit-and-miss over the years. Good luck in your quest!

Nettie said...

You're using Sirius to get traffic. Disgusting. Clever.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Clever and disgusting. You're on to me, Nettie.

D e s i g n Girl said...

You are the 3rd person I have heard of that got screwed with Sirius and the rebate not coming...followed by some lame reason why it didn't come. I was hoping they were isolated incidents because I was planning on getting Sirius this week as I just bought a new car. I like Sirius' station selections better than XM's. Please post what comes of your fiasco. The more I hear, the more unsure I get. I hope you get your $50 from the cheap bastards.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar fight coming up with Samsung. You have inspired me. Thank you. Oh, and the first sentance nearly made me put milk through my nose!

Amandarama said...

Mr. Scoop is a terrestial radio DJ. Don't even get me started on satellite.

Besides, anything worth getting on satellite can be found on Usenet for download for free. Not that I would. Because stealing is wrong and stuff. Or so my therapist tells me.

SugarHigh said...

Sorry for the delayed post but blogger seems to have put me in exile. it's that or my computer is running slower then molasses. anyhoo- damn the man and his fucking rebates. I agree. why the hell do the make it so damn difficult? i will curse all that is Sirius on your behalf from here on out.

chosha said...

Good for you, LBB! That's total fraud and they should be roasted alive. Excellent letter. Keep us posted.

slacker said...

You're queer.

Sirius Hater Too said...

Jeez...you are an idiot. My 9-year old is smarter...and much more mature...than you.

Every rebate offer known to man (and dog) on equipment like radios etc. requires the upc code from the original package. Standard Operating Procedure! Moron!

Although, you are right...Sirius does suck!!! Try dealing with these irritating bastards to replace a defective radio...then you'll know real aggravation.

Christine said...

I for one am so FRUSTRATED with Sirius I want the world to know. I purchased a Starmate a couple of days ago from Sirius.com. The unit worked for a grand total of 5 minutes in my home so I installed it in my car (this unit touts portability which was why I purchased it).

It proceeded to NOT WORK AT ALL (continuously said "Acquiring Signal," and after countless (okay FOUR) phone calls to Sirius yesterday they did not know what to do to help me accept tell me except to ship the antenna back, which they would've given me a case number for but then the computer system went down and they said they would call back. Of course, they never did so I called and the next product specialist barely spoke English - you see my frustration yet?.

I slept on the problem and sent an email today to see if I could get satisfaction that way. They proceeded to give me the basics of why I wouldnt be getting a signal even after I mentioned my signal was at FULL STRENGTH( besides dont I have a case history??) and then after two more emails, they provided an address in Edison, NJ to send the unit back (they responded to me as Melissa - NOT MY NAME).

I thought perhaps I should call them today to make sure they knew the unit was coming (case number?) and the 24/7 number is unavailable because I did not call during business hours (8 am to 10 pm). I called at noon.


Anonymous said...

I HATE sirius. I was directed to send my POS s50 ($300.00) back to them for replacement or repairs...Its gone. they dont know where it is ive been without service for 3 months (at least) and Ive called 3 irate times and have been directed to leave a message for there useless management and promised a call back within 24-48 hours. 3 times--- No call- I even sent an email **see below.. are you kidding me!!??? now what??

Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us in regards to your warranty unit. At this time, all information on the unit would have to be discussed with the warranty department. Their number is as follows:

Warranty Department - 1-866-257-7726

We are committed to providing you with the best in customer care. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact SIRIUS Customer Care. For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474)

As well as by email at:



Jan Michael
SIRIUS Customer Care

Did you know that SIRIUS has great money-saving billing options? You can get 1-14 months free depending on the option you choose. Call us at 888-539-SIRIUS (7474) and we’ll help you choose the plan that’s right for you!

SIRIUS Satellite Radio, The Best Radio on Radio.

Original Message Follows:
First Name: Michelle
Last Name:
Email Address:
Subscriber: Yes
Account Number: Phone Number:
Hi, My S50 stopped working about 2 months ago. I was advised to uninstall it and send the entire unit to Ft Lauderdale. That was 3 weeks ago and now your warranty department is reporting that they still have not recieved. I at first called your customer care group and was informed that they could not help me..That they are located in the US and they group I need is located in Canada. That they do not have access to each others systems. Have you ever heard of warm transfer??! So, I called your warranty department and was told by Tim at EXT 4355 that a manager would call me back within 24-48 hours and that I would be sent a new S50. Am I surprised that I didnt recieve that phone call. No not at all. Going forward this seems like this is the customer service level I should expect. Im just a little upset that my 400.00 unit seems to be lost somewhere and that i have been paying a monthly bill for service I do not have... Do you think money grows on trees?? I have called again on my time your warranty department and demanded to speak to a manager.
You know the rep told me that there is no manager available. Surprised?
not at all. With all the money you people are making from suckers like me you should hire some more management. I await a response from a person in some management capacity, but I wont hold my breath.


Michelle **&^%&*

Chris said...

You people need to grow the hell up. Yeah, it sucks that you didn't get rebates, but deal with it like adults, not 5 year olds. There are people getting pissed off at sirius without even owning a sirius radio! That kind of thinking is dangerous, it's how things like racism and sexism starts. You don't really agree with it, but you go along with the crowd because you're an idiot. And you just blame them for everything because they're the only people you can blame. "Sirius Lost my S50... what a bunch of assholes". Because the postal service has NEVER lost a package before, right? I can't believe the kind of attitudes you PMS'ed people are adopting. Yes, frustrations happen, and yes, it's perfectly fine to vent your frustrations (any way you chose). But recruiting an army of internet bloggers who have no opinion of their own on the issue in question is rediculous. You all scoff at "evil" corporations. Why would they start the company if they wern't trying to make money?

And why do you need the UPC code? it's a way of making sure that you don't buy the radio, send in the rebate, and then return the radio for a cheaper unit, or all together and just buy a second hand radio to use your subscription. The store wont let you return it if there's no UPC code on the box. Use your head next time, not your keyboard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I too got screwed out of the $50.00 rebate. I do not plan to renew my subscription after my one year subscription expires. If any of you plan on doing the same, you must notify them of your intent to cancel otherwise they will automatically renew your subscription and charge it to your credit card without your permission!.(Providing that's how you opened your account) Read the user agreement on their website.
I also plan on closing that credit card account just in case they try to screw me again. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. Spread the word.

John Coshconey III said...

Whats the big deal? I dont understand.. Every and any company who offers a rebate usually asks the consumer to cut out the UPC and mail along with the rebate. No one is asking you to keep a warehouse of boxes at your home. As a smart consumer you need to read the fine print man! Read the freakin instructions and you'll see that you need to cut out the UPC label. THEN throw away the rest of the box if you like. You're making a big deal out of nothing and plain and simple its all your fault for not reading the simple instructions. For your stupdity youre not getting your rebate and you deserve to have your sirius radio service cut off.

Anonymous said...

Sirius also screwed me out of a rebate. Like the other poster, I must have gone over the instructions a hundred times just to make sure everything is there. Then I call Sirius and they tell me that something was missing when in fact I had sent in the "missing" information.

At least they had a "live" person on the phone to give me the runaround and wear out my resolve.

Other rebates seem to go to place that don't exist. You try to contact them and the phone picks up and a message indicates that the mailbox is full.

This is globalization at its best.

Back to Sirius... My Sirius Starmate went out three weeks ago. I called to get a replacement radio. After waiting on hold forever, they told me it would be shipped within 48 hours. I just got it today and it was not shipped for over two weeks.

But guess what? They shipped me the wrong model, a Sportster 4. I got right on the phone and cancelled my subscription.

They tried to get me to send it back and get the right one. I told them that I had waited over three weeks for this one. The customer service rep told me that that is not too bad, others have been waiting for over six months. Like that is supposed to make me feel better.

I told her, there are plenty of Sirius receivers on the store shelves. I told her the customer service is terrible. She just keep reading out of the "if a customer wants to cancel, try to BS them into staying so we can take more of their money" manual.

Now I guess I will have to sell the new unit on Ebay and the three docking stations I have for the Starmate.


Fuckin' Pissed said...

Sirius-ly these guys SUCK!!!!!! First they screwed up my address and my packaged was returned to the distributer. I was not notified. I had to go on the UPS website and the package was listed as delivered. It took me two days just to figure out where it was and then i had to go and pick it up myself. And I still have to pay for the shipping. I only bought the thing from those Fuckers in the first place because they were offering 3 months free subscription with purchase. Funny how how there is no way to redeem that shit and there is nothing about it anywhere and they want to charge me to activate the fuckin' thing. Then I call their "customer service" and wait for a half hour before i hang up. Sent those pieces of shit a letter on their website. Guess what I haven't heard anything. I'll be the guy turning Blue...... Holding my breath.


Your Worst Nightmare-Someone With A Brain said...

Since you all believe in following a lowly fuckedintheass, allow me to actually
explain the purpose of a UPC code...if it was only an original or photocopy of the
receipt neccessary, then there would be morons(much like yourselves) that would
try to scam Sirius for money...it's a safeguard to ensure that the idiots that
take advantage of submitting for the rebate don't run right back to the store
to buy a cheapy and scam for the money. Also-

Actually, Sassy, its sIrius, not sErius...learn how to S-P-E-L-L!

Hey, Alien Host, I bet you bought the airduster to inhale...explains why
you're too retarded to know what the hell a PHOTOCOPY machine is!

Sorry, Pirate, they don't bother with scumfucks like you and your other...
wait, what am I saying, like you cocksuckers are actually worth a nickel as a
whole...too much credit for you assholes.

Hey, Stringy, turn your bat on yourself and the other dumbass hill-bred morons,
you brain-deficient fucktard!

Speaking of fucktards, you do deserve some Midol...chucked at your brain-dead ass,
Julie! If you used each other as target practice, well...we'd have that many less

Yeah, Junebugg, you're right...you Buggs should line right up... to get stomped!

Hey, Weary Hag, if I was that retard, I'd be ashamed to have you donkeyfuckers
backing me...deny, deny, deny!

I can understand where Elaine is coming from...you would have to be dosed up to
tolerate this backwater hick...but one question...what balls? I'd figure that this
retard probably cut them off when trying to understand the concept of "Knife Sharp!"

CaCaBoy, no wonder where the caca comes into play with you...you ARE nothing but
a shithead! KILL YOURSELFS, you dirty-ass inbreeding piles of festering shit!

You know what, Sean Padraic? Easy as pie to fix... submit online next time. You
morons claim that you get ripped off, but it is the CONSUMER'S part to make sure
that they have all the facts as well. It's called consumer EDUCATION... not that
I would expect any of you cocksuckers to have any education. If you qualify for
the rebate and it is denied for reasons that are not your fault, it can be credited
to the credit card that you have on file...and if you felt that it was so messed
up, why the fuck didn't you try to talk to a supervisor or someone in a supervisory

Well, Video X, that would be your fault for not submitting your rebate on time...
TERMS AND CONDITIONS of your rebate, which is available upon request, or Customer
Service for that company could have helped you with submitting your rebate step-by-
step. Also, with your replacement phone...two words: PHONE INSURANCE! It's offered
when you get your phone, so if you felt idiotic when you had to pay full price for
another phone due to REJECTING the phone insurance...you do deserve to feel idiotic,
because you are an idiot!

Let me put this into a way that you can understand...I don't speak retard, but I'll
try: it's that long list of lines with a list of what people that actually have some
brains call NUMBERS below it.

Bennet, Bennet, Bennet...get a brain, you dumbass brainless fucking moron! Have you
ever heard of the dog-star Sirius? That's where the name comes from you donkey raping
shit eater!

Hey, Dave Morris, since you probably don't know how to read and had somebody else type
this for you, I can understand why you feel that rebates are "just too hard", since
so many things are when you're an illiterate shit for brains!

Ari, you're right. Woe be unto the customer service rep who has the unfortunate luck
of having to explain a simple concept to this fuckhead. I one-finger salute you, you
dumb bastard!

Like Oh Dumb One, all of your barks are non-threatening as your toothless hillbilly
bites! GRRRR fucktards GRRRR!!!!

Hey, Ghost Dog, see the first part of this entry. This person is a complete incompetent
retard, and if you believe this asswipe, then you are also a retard.

Actually, Design Girl, Sirius is not a bunch of cheap bastards, this person is just
so much of a fucking dumbass! Yeah, Sirius does have good programming, and this
whiny-ass dipshit OWES SIRIUS the apology!

SugarHigh, again, it's only difficult when you're too stupid to follow basic instructions
and when you're an illiterate bastard!

NO, NO, NO, NO! Not fraud, it's this moron's way of covering that he's too stupid to read
some basic terms and conditions. He threw away his box, and didn't cut out the UPC code,
when it said at the start of the online and paper rebate form that it was needed!

Hell yeah, slacker! Fuck this fucktard!

SiriusHaterToo is right. You are an idiot! You BRAINLESS REDNECK!

Chris at least understands the uPC neccessity, so why can't you other assholes? So many
retards on this blog that back this bugfucker and never had Sirius! Fuck that!

Michelle, let me speak V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y... M-A-I-L G-E-T-S L-O-S-T A-L-L T-H-E T-I-M-E!
Did you ever contact the postal department about the status of the sent material according
to their documents? They keep records as to if it was delivered to sender or not.

Yeah, spread the word...The anonymous bastard is too ashamed to admit that they are too
stupid to submit a rebate correctly. Also, fuckhead, TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!!

No, John Coshconey, he deserves to get beat down with a sirius radio!

Finally, for the cocksucking pigfucker that runs the blog... I want to ask you one question,
answer truthfully...do you fuck your sister, you incestuous piece of raw donkey shit? I mean,
I've come across some morons, but you are ONE of the dumbest redneck hicks that I have ever
heard of...and the retarded anal-retardant douchebags that back your dumb ass! You deserve
to have that computer of yours slapped across your brainless skull! You don't deserve a
rebate, but you do deserve a gigantic middle finger directed in your direction! Here's some
advice for you...put your radio in it's box, put it into a package to be sent back to Sirius,
and put a note on it that says "I'm too dumb to own this, because I'm a stupid fucking moron
that fucks my sister, father, and any barnyard animals that I come across!" Fuck off you stupid
cocksucking asslicking sister fucker!

Anonymous said...

Sirus sucks, and their rebates are scams.

I kept everything, including copies of what I sent them. They disallowed my $50 rebate because of the store where I bought it. They claimed the fine print excluded my store. I faxed them a copy of the rebate form, and they said, "looks like we forgot that, but we're not responsible for typographical errors." At that point, it was too late for me to return the radio. What fuckers; and a clear scam -- purposefully omitting fine print and then claiming that they are not responsible for omitting the fine print that invalidates the rebate, AND providing the retailer with a stack of the rebate forms! Fraud, fraud, fraud.

By the way, Sirius Radio sucks, too, it's not just the people who run the company. I gave my radio away in the end. It just wasn't worth the hassle of turning it on.

Anonymous said...

Sirius now requires an antenna adapter which needs to be installed inside your dashboard in order to get good reception. They tell you it is FCC regs. They DO NOT tell you this when you purchase the unit. If you have a BMW or a MINI Cooper the total package will cost you an extra $90.00 due to required adapters!!! Not including labor to take your car apart to install it.
BEWARE: Sirius will keep your Debit Card on file and then in a year TAKE $152.00 from your checking account WITHOUT TELLING YOU OR WARNING YOU, not even an email!!!! I was about to cancel due to above probem and then BANG they renewed me and almost overdrew my checking acct. They have got problems and they are hiding this from the public. Also they are repetitive in their programing, and appear to be having trouble with the FCC. BEWARE.

SBS Contributor said...

I want to start by saying that Sirius Customer Care is terrible! BUT, the equipment and content are getting much, MUCH better. I actually have a contact within the company (senior level) who is working on these exact issues that you guys are talking about.

Give them time. Don't rule them out yet. Yes, CC is bad, but it WILL improve because frankly too many of us have spoken against them. I don't disagree that they need to get there at together but if you look at the big picture they are leaps and bounds ahead then they were even 6 months ago.

I still insist to my peers that Sirius is better then XM. Content wise I agree with this.

Also, if you have issues with your equipment, rebates, WHATEVER... send an email instead of a phone call and DEMAND to speak with a senior level employee. PERIOD. Not only will they fix your issues but they will treat you like GOLD.

This is not BS. Sirius is a great company but the CC team is shit and will slowly improve because you, ME, and us collectively are finally having our voice heard!

Dan said...

I purchased a satellite radio for my girlfriend for Christmas. To activate i called Sirius and paid appox $125 for 1 year of radio service. This service has no contract or term limit and can be cancelled at anytime. Approx six months later i purchased another radio for a different car. I called sirius and they told me they would add the second radio for an additional $6.00 per month payable upfront semi-anually. Approx 3 months later my radios stop working, i called and they told me they were sorry and they made them work, this kept happening about every week and i would call and get the same response. Recently i called them for the last time and asked them why my radio did not work - The customer care rep told me...because i did not have a valid credit card on file with them. I explained that i always pay upfront and they did not need a card number. The customer care rep told me i had to have a valid card on file before he could turn my radio back on. both the rep and myself agree, i do not owe them any money but i have to have the card on file so it can automatically renew next year. I told him i was unhappy with the service, and once i heard the new inflated price, i told him to cancel my service, since their is no contract. Customer rep said ok and we ended the call.

Damage Resulting
Now a collection company NCO is harrising me to pay the $78.00 or they will damage my credit. I tried to contact Sirius and they agree with the above info, but say they can not do anything about it because it was sold to a collection angent. I refused to pay for something i did not get. I have not paid and my credit is being damaged. Is there somebody that can help protect consumers from bully gaint companies that have no regard for the law? I will never do business with SIRIUS again and i continue to tell everybody i know how shady they are.

Drew said...

I have also had problems with this sirius(ly shit) service. Today, I received a $14.15 charge from Sirius on my credit card. Apparently, I had another one a month earlier. Why is this weird? I canceled my membership back in May. The guy I spoke to said he would give me two months free service following my cancellation. He mentioned nothing about having to cancel it AGAIN.

I spoke to some asshole on the phone today who told me it was non-refundable, that I "agreed" to paying the following months after the "free" service.

Why on earth would I have to cancel a membership twice? I spend 30 minutes on fricking hold every time I call Sirius, the service agents are assholes.

Remember people, you must cancel your membership TWICE.

Anonymous said...

Sirius has a policy that you can turn on a radio on the web but to turn it off you must call them to their "retention team" They outsource this to some shitty company called Stream Global Services who can't handle the call volume and then holds you hostage if you have several radios by disabling access via web and mailing you bills and threatening collection for the prorated service. I will not pay the 20 bucks. I will bad mouth Sirius and Stream at every possible moment on any given day. I have filed complaints with Iowa Attorney General and FTC and NYS Attorney General. If I could I would kick someone in the shins. Like Mel for outsourcing or the shit company that he outsourced to. Or the indians who run the night-time help desk.

Anonymous said...

They have repetitive programming. That's good enough reason for me to hate them. I didn't sign-up to PAY for repetitive programming via satellite when its offered via the air waves for FREE. I finally got fed-up and called to cancel my subscription. I got put on perpetual hold. I was on hold for 40 minutes before I picked-up my cell phone and called their number again in tandem with my original land-line call....they told me that they didn't have anyone on hold. Then they put me on hold again! I about shit my pants I was so pissed. I hung-up and called them back and demanded to speak to a supervisor - finally got one 10 minutes later and was able to get him to help me. Oh...did I mention that I had to resort to calling their "Special Lock-In Offer" telephone number because they never answer their main number? Yep...tried to call them for two weeks and then one day they have the audacity to send me a special offer with a special number to call to get it. So I'm just gonna post that special number here so others can be saved the circle jerk that is Sirius Customer Care and just get right to the special disconnecting nut-cutting:


Those fuckers.

Gary said...

Please read my Examiner.com article about how the formerly fun Sirius has become a major league rip-off. A look at the awful and expensive changes to the Sirius Satellite Radio channel line-up and some great, free alternatives for online and mobile music, news and talk.

craig said...

Can't get through to a human being to cancel? Seems to be a corporate policy! Use this number:

>>>>> 1-866-325-2846 <<<<<

I had to cancel the card it was billed to before I could get this number. Tried for 8 months to cancel, couldn't even get their voice system to get me down that far into the menu. If you have Sirius now, what is wrong with you? Stock is down to 5 cents a share, bankruptcy looms, and these idiots have a cancellation scheme that makes saints out of AOL. They are going to be sued into oblivion in a class action or by the state attornies general. Cancel while you can and don't let them scam you with offers. This is a joke of a company.

Anonymous said...


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