Ask and ye shall re-read (Answers)

Thanks to those of you who submitted questions -- such good ones, too.  I knew you wouldn't disappoint. And to the rest of you: it's not too late to submit a question!

Kitty Cat asked:  I can ask anything? About you?
I need more intructions please.

You don't need instructions, KC, just your imagination.  And I know you have one of those because I read your blog!  Yes, anything.  Just know that if you do ask about me, you're likely to be disappointed.  I'm painfully boring.  

Denise asked:  What is your favorite thing about yourself?

This should be easy as I have a short list of things I like about myself.

I believe we're all very much alike, and what distinguishes us from the crowd is how we perceive the world -- the unique way each of us processes what we observe.  That's what I like about best about myself: the way I see things.  

Summer Rae asks:  What do you think the guy who writes this blog is like?

I sympathize with him a tiny bit.  I've read a slew of statistics that show that men, for the first time in history, are getting the societal shaft: they die earlier; they work harder, more dangerous jobs; they get anything but justice in family courts; they attend and graduate college at lower rates than women; their health issues are trivial compared to women's heath issues vis a vis funding and charity; boys are far more likely to be diagnosed and drugged as "behaviorally disabled" children; they get far less encouragement in school; etc.

But boycotting women bloggers?  That's just crazy talk!  They're way too fun!  If you refuse to read what women write because a few zealous social activists have tipped the scales, you're just too darn angry.  And ignorant, too!

How did you find this blog, anyway?

HeartInHand asked:  What's the best thing about your life?
(You can't include booze or dark chocolate.)

The first few answers that zipped through my mind were: my wife, my kid, and my health.  But now that I think about it, the best thing about my life is the time and place in which I'm living it.  Sometimes I get cynical about my country and about the future.  But the truth is, I love modern times and I thank Almighty God I live in America.  The things I love wouldn't be possible in another time and place.  Consider that as little as 15 years ago, blogging wasn't possible!  Twenty years ago the Internet was the stuff of academics and computer nerds, not laymen.  Less than a hundred years ago, simple things like warmth in the winter or adequate nourishment were iffy, even in relatively prosperous countries. I could be shivering in a cave or under the crack of a whip or ailing from malaria or fending off a saber-tooth tiger but for the fortune of modern American life.  My God, I could have been born in France!  Death first!

Not So Simply Single asked:  If you had only seven days left to live,what would you do, who would you do it with, and why...  Lisa in Maui.

Honestly, NSSS, I'd grab the wife, kid and my credit card and jet to Maui.  If I'm checking out in a week, I'm doing it in style: swim trunks, wife in a hula skirt and coconut bra, kid with a sun-kissed face, a sandy beach, the ocean, a Polynesian barbecue and a ridiculous girl drink in my hand.  Plus, on my last day, I'd have so many macho ways to end it on my terms.  I could para-sail into the ocean, dive off a cliff, surf a deadly wave, wrestle a shark or descend headlong into a volcano.  

I'll look you up should I find myself in this situation!


Summer Rae said...

The guy is boycotting American women period. His whole blog talks about why European women are better, and how American women are fat, cheating, entitled gold diggers basically.

What bothers me most about the blog is that he (of course) does not share anything about himself. So I passed the question I was pondering at the time (who is this freak?) on to you.

Unfortunately I found it while posting a comment on someone else's blog, and as I was scrolling it caught my eye. Looks like he spams people's comments with "BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN" and some excerpts from his blog. It's definitely eye catching.

I agree though that women of the world are kicking ass now, and I'm sure some men don't know how to deal with it. The good ones figure it out though!

Anonymous said...

I should start a blog called "Boycott Male Assholes" =D

Penny Lane said...

OMG I cannot believe that I missed this once in a lifetime chance because I stupidly left my computer for lots of hours today. DAMN!

Wait, it's not too late!

Okay my question is ....

can I have three more questions ?

ha ha ha,

let's get serious, my question to you is

So one day i decide that I am going to build you a time machine. I am a genius and know how to do those things so it only takes me a day. I hand it to you and I say "here is this time machine, but you are not allowed to use it to go forward or back in time" what do you use it for?

have fun!

Jeannie said...

Really good answers.

KittyCat said...

All very excellent questions.

Can I have a do over?
Cause I am sure I got something good for you. lol


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you'd live your last week and how you'd take charge of your destiny by going para-sailing. LOL!

Do you have a dog?

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is the best Q&A post I have read ever on a blog. Brilliant. Hilarious. I'm so tired of questions like "who is your greatest inspiration?" and "what is your favorite food?" Ha.