My last couple posts came off caustic.  That's the risk I take when I sit down to write while sober.  No such risk today, I'm glad to report; I've got a glass of homemade limoncello as my co-pilot.  I'm feeling magnanimous just now.  So want to write something lighter.  Plus I recently read a blog post in which the writer listed the things she's grateful for (I forget which blog, but I remember enjoying it).  It prompted me to make a list of some things that I love.  Here it is:

  1. The mass of solid ice cream that sinks to the bottom of a chocolate shake mixer cup and that smacks you in the mouth when you attempt to drink the last bit of milkshake by tipping the cup and tapping it.
  2. The beams of sunlight that shine through the window in the afternoon, and within them the dust particles that weave and flow according to the dictates of entropy. 
  3. Alcohol.  Alcohol is the elixir of love.  It's fun.  It's a great social lubricant.  It makes everything a little more pleasant (except a game of lawn darts; stay sober for that!).  Barring abuse, alcohol promotes good health.  I love alcohol in all forms: spirits, wine, "girl drinks," Jello shooters -- everything except beer, which tastes like carbonated urine.  
  4. The modern personal computer.  Sure, they're 90% social networking and porn, which is to say they're wonderful.  You have to stand back in awe of computers and how they enrich our lives.  Think of how many curiosities you've satisfied with a trip to Wikipedia.  Imagine how many times YouTube made you laugh or showed you how to install a new sink.  Recall the excitement the last time you brokered a sex date via your smart phone with your spouse or significant other.  Anybody who claims we're not making progress is overlooking the glowing, 24" hi-def LCD monitor shining in his face as he laments the world in his blog.  Irony.
  5. The one pizza place within driving distance that makes a great pizza.  We all have one, even if we need Vasco da Gama, a GPS and a bloodhound to locate it.  Good pizza places are hard to find.  That's what makes them so special.
  6. The hot tub on a cold night.  Bubbles off.  I can't stand the noise from the air pump and all those bubbles bursting.  No bubbles, just the micro-bubbles that fizz from the hot water return jet.  Ahhhhhhhh.... 
  7. Homemade salsa with thin, crispy tortilla chips.  Made correctly, salsa is the champion of appetizers.
  8. The night before a day off work.  I exalt in the sense of freedom and possibility.  Sure, I wind up sleeping in and giving way to the tug of lethargy.  I blow off my plans and waste my precious day off.  But the night before is undiluted bliss.  It's the sweet spot of the weekend.
  9. That psychological phenomenon by which a piece of music brings you back to a time in your life when you were brimming with love, or in youthful rapture, or tranquility, or a particularly happy interval in your past.
  10. Ripping through hours of your favorite TV series once the new season hits DVD.  We did this with the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, Dexter, Weeds, and Sex and the City.  Sometimes we'll order a pizza and let the episodes play until our eyes are burning.
  11. The promise of a new book.
  12. The uncanny way that mishaps turn into the most precious of memories: the cancelled flight that forced you to buy an incredible book you otherwise wouldn't have read, the power failure in which my family drove to the neighborhood ice cream shop, or the time my wife and I broke down on Mt. Lemmon and had to coast the car down the mountain and then walk home late at night.  That kind of stuff. 
  13. Comets, shooting starts and celestial bodies.  Also, the smoke trails that jet planes lay across the sky.
  14. The aftereffects of exercise or vigorous physical activity.  
  15. My "go-to" clothes -- a collection of shirts and pants that fit me perfectly and always look good, even when the rest of me doesn't.  You never know which items of clothing will become your go-to clothes.  Most won't.  You can never tell at the store or in the dressing room.  Only time will reveal which clothes are your go-to's.  That's when you wish you'd bought 3 of whatever your go-to clothes are.  
  16. Exceeding 300 points in a game of Scrabble.
  17. The Dennis Miller Show.  It's a 3-hour daily podcast with no commercials.  If the idea of talk radio appeals to you, but the hosts are bombastic and overly partisan, try Dennis Miller. 
  18. The sensation of cleanliness after a shower and shave, floss and brush.  
  19. A bunch of comments pending publication on my latest blog post.  I must admit I love devouring those.  
  20. A field at dusk awash in lightning bugs.


Christina Paul said...

I believe that was mine “Impulse Imagination” the name :-) Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to inspire your creative juices ;-) BTW love your list #1, #3, #8 -#12, #19 are my absolute favorites in this life too

Budd said...

I can only give you one of these things that you love. Enjoy! Your Welcome.

Jeannie said...

I love your list. I wanna come to your house and watch tv and eat pizza then go outside to watch lightning bugs and the sky then back inside to play scrabble. I love scrabble but rarely get to play it. Surrounded by dyslexics all my life.
I know what you mean by go-to clothes - I generally can pick them at the store except not now that I'm fat - the shape is all wrong.

KittyCat said...

Love this one. "Alcohol. Alcohol is the elixir of love."

I love to read you drunk or sober.
keep it comin

christopherc said...

I don't know that the last postings were caustic, but this was certainly one to make me smile and chuckle.

and being the owner of a small wine and cheese shop; I second the notion that alcohol is the elixir of love, and life for that matter!


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I love a blog that can find a reason to mention Vasco deGama. He's my favorite explorer.

I, too, like "bubbles off" in the hot tub.

And the "go-to" clothes! If only you knew they were going to be your go-to clothes when you bought them, then you'd buy a bunch of them in every color. It's not until the store is out of them and the manufacturer is not making them anymore that they become that valued king of your closet.

Penny Lane said...

I like!

I agree with all the things you are thankful for. Not that you need my approval. But you have it.

Impulsive Addict said...

Do you know about my love affair of all things alcohol? I love the "social lubricant" aspect.

Bad news: We have ZERO fav tv series in common. This makes me super sad.

I love my go-to clothes. Except I'm always photographed in them. I should get some more STAT.

Kelley said...

I share lots and lots of these with you! I'm all over that exceeding 300 points in Scrabble bit. It's happened lots more than once, suckah! I know it's happened for you, too. I can tell you are quite the smarty pants. I also love that you love Dennis Miller. (BTW, so glad you are a new reader of mine and vice versa. It's fun having you around!)

Julie said...

I smiled the whole way reading through this. I agree with the majority of your choices. So great. This literally made my day.

CB said...

Epic WIN darling!

I'm fairly certain that I could totally kick your ass in Scrabble- yes I'm amazing!

#11- Shhhhhyea.

You forgot the two MOST important things in the WORLD. I'm disappointed quite frankly.



A Beer for the Shower said...

No love for beer? :(

thoughtsappear said...

So many things I want to say, but here's the top 3.

1. Mmmm...Ice cream.
2. I love the way the light hits the dust particles, too. Except afterwards I feel like I need to clean.
3. Ewww on beer for me, too.

Great list!

heartinhand said...

Boy, someone's warm and fuzzy when he's hammered!

You don't like beer?! What the hell do you drink in the summer?

OMG my redneck is showing.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg. We are the same person. No, seriously. After reading this list, I can only determine that I am the female version of you. :)

Paige said...

i love how you added Sex and the City to your list...nice.

Denise said...

I adore the potential a new book offers... as for homemade salsa, I'm sadly at a loss. I got a food precessor for christmas, maybe I should make some.

Life in the mom lane said...

Great list!!!!!

Sandra said...

a-ha! You've become a comment whore!

Corey said...

I have to admit that i too think beer tasts like carbinated urine. that was my exact description to my mom the first time that i had it. i was still drunk when i told her.

i was not drunk from beer though. gross.


Mrs4444 said...

Your list is awesome, of course. I have to admit, though, I kept expecting you to revert to caustic-ness, haha.

I especially relate to #8. A close second is Thursday night, for me. I love knowing that I can stay up later than usual, because even a bad Friday is easy to get through :)

Memphis Steve said...

I spent several days watching nothing but MadMen. That show is addictive.

Deborah said...

I'm right there with you on more than some of these.

The alcohol one in particular is my thought as well.

But what I completely love is how you think of the things I love, but just didn't know it yet.

tornwordo said...

Aw, nice to see your gooey soft center. Number 12 rocks.

Not So Simply Single said...

Scrabble, hot tub, lightening bugs, homemade salsa and chips...yup, that makes for a great Saturday night.
Rock on...