I'll dip a toe in the water

I just realized I'm a blogging snob.  I've been posting for years and I always write what I damn-well please.  I also read the work of many great bloggers.  But I never participate.  The memes and the linky things and the tag-you're-it stuff -- I've peered down my nose at it.  I'm not going to let The Man tell whitey what to write.  That, and also I lack the technical savvy to post pictures and link stuff and edit video and whatnot.

But I can hop off my high horse once in a while.  I've just read two of the most charming bloggers in da 'sphere, yo:  Shawn and IA.  They've invited their readers to join in the fun, namely, We Want to Know Wednesday.  It's a questionnaire that you post and somehow link to their Snoop Bloggy Blogs.  I'm not sure how it works just yet, but I'm going to hook my thumb on the panties and see if the ass lifts up, so to speak.  Let's see what's shaking.

Amendment:  Shout-out to Mamarazzi.  WWKW is her brainchild.

We Want to Know Wednesday (#5)

{1} If you could choose a Super Power, what would it be?
{2} What would be your first frivolous purchase if you were awarded a million dollars tomorrow?
{3} What would be the hardest current luxury for you to give up?
{4} If you were given a choice between being given great wisdom and great wealth, which would you choose?
{5} If you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 100 days what 5 THINGS would you pack?


1)  Super power -- The power to induce common sense in those who lack it or disregard it.  Think Professor Xavier from the X-Men, only I exact telepathic influence on nitwits to be reasonable with decision-making and to behave rationally.  And also, throw in a pair of Wolverine claws so's I can gets me 'da ladies!

2)  Frivolous purchase -- I always wanted one of those robot sweeper/vacuums.  I'd also hire a bodyguard because after an electrical disturbance, the thing might malfunction an kill me in my sleep.  Spotless floors and a good night's rest.  I'm one step ahead of you, you little Roomba Robot bastard.

3)  Luxury item -- The ability to sleep as late as I please on most days.  I work weekends.  Monday through Friday, I wake up when I want to, not when I have to.  

4)  Wisdom or wealth -- Wisdom.  You can be happy without money.  But you can't be happy without being wise.  

5)  What 5 things to pack... 
  • A grooming kit
  • My life-sized cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen (Team Edward 4-ever!)
  • A bottle of Ten High
  • A manservant with wildlife survival skills and who's 100% not gay at all
  • A trunk of fireworks for pig roast banquet festivities 


Mamarazzi said...

I will just pretend you decided to play because i was the one asking the questions this week and that they were sooo thought provoking and brilliant you could not resist.

i like that better than feeling snubbed by not even getting a shout out for the link party i personally created and invited the lovely Shawn, IA and Janette (also snubbed) to co host.

moving on...

1. oh to induce common sense, that would most def make the world a better place. how very giving of you.

2. I use to own a rumba, it lost in a fight with my ex husband's dog...a very large and overly protective German Shepard. Good frivolous choice tho.

3. waking when one wants is truly a luxury...it would be hard for me to give up too. i love working from home and making my own hours.

4. Word.

5. I. Have. No. Words. awesome, just awesome.

Great answers thanks for linking up!!

and i forgive you.

Mamarazzi said...

LMAO...sooo much better. beautiful amendment.

i realize you do not know me but your humor comes through your blog loud and clear so i felt like you could take a little lighthearted tease.

plus i know Shawn and IA would laugh, since they DO know me.

Mamarazzi said...

oh i went to reply to your comment on my blog, i always like to reply via email and your email address is not enabled.

did you know that?

this means that you spend so much time leaving lovely comments on people's blogs and they have no way of responding to a question or thanking you for stopping by or just continuing the conversation...because instead of your email address all they see is "no-reply comment".

sad right?

you can fix that if you like.

just go to your dashboard, click edit profile and click show email address and then click save profile.


and i PROMISE if you change this blogging will get even better and become even more fun!

You. Are. Welcome.

now fix it..

Jeannie said...

You are too funny.

Manservant. Brilliant. Except if you got a female servant with the same skills, you could have sex with her since you are being pretty clear you don't want sex with your Man Friday.

Nadine Hightower said...

It's not the claws that makes us swoon over the Wolverine... it's Hugh Jackman.

Shawn said...

I found that the most intelligent people lack common sense and that drives me crazy! I think we should bottle that crap and sell it, we'll make a fortune!

I had a Roomba for about 24 hours. That piece o'crap kept banging into my baseboards and my dogs thought it was toy. RETURNED!

You work weekends? Hmmmm what do you do?

Your 5 things are hysterical! Team Edward. Really? He needs to buff up a little for me, I prefer my men not look 15! And I would want a gay manservant over a straight one. The last thing I would want to do for 100 days is fight off a horny manservant, cuz you know I'm gonna be looking hot in my bathing suit and fresh shaved legs and girly bits every day, birth control was not one of my 5 things!

I'm glad you decided to slum with us this week, we {IA and I} totally love you!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Great super power, then you could induce some common sense on my husband...he'd also like the wolverine claws...
I can be happy without being wise...ignorance is bliss..
and I wonder why you couldn't find a female servant who was 100% straight with wildlife survival skills....
LOL that was funny though.

allstarme said...

LOL @ A manservant with wildlife survival skills and who's 100% not gay at all. That? Is awesome!

Date Girl said...

haha, I would definitely love that superpower, especially with some teenagers that I know. I just want to shake them sometimes!

DJ Rumba! I would love to get one of those but I'm pretty sure my dog would go insane.

My husband's schedule is shifting to just weekends and I'm so excited. Sleeping in, doing what we want on the weekdays, going places without the crowds. Ah-mazing.

The more I think about it the more I know I answered incorrectly. Wisdom would definitely be key. I've lived without wealth and am very happy but I could use a few more brain cells. ;-)

Edward Cullen cutout and a non-gay manservant? I'm so confused right now.

VandyJ said...

Common sense is so lacking these days, you'd be very busy.
A roomba would never last in my house--the cat would kill it.
I would like the ability to sleep late when I can--I never get to sleep past about 7:00am.
Nice picks for the desert island.

heartinhand said...

Dude, you can get a Roomba for like 200 bucks at Canadian Tire. Get yourself one...life's too short.

And you are not packing clean underwear to become deserted? =)

jennykate77 said...

Before I go any further, I just want to say that I love you.

First of all...
I'm not going to let The Man tell whitey what to write. LOVE that.

Second of all...
"Snoop Bloggy Blog". Why haven't I thought of that?

Third of all...
I'm taking my life-size Edward too! What a coincidence.

Boobies said...

I'm down with getting a Roomba too! Those things look dope!

Team Edward BABY!!! ;)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Cracking up though this whole thing. I want to change my stupid super power. Common sense is a very good thing and not enough people have it.

Sleeping late.... hmm. I've heard great things about that. I'd LOVE to give that a whirl.
I don't know what Ten High is, but the roast pig banquet sounds great. I'll bring a side dish of some kind, mkay? :)
Thanks for playing.

Impulsive Addict said...

I will start out by saying that you're amazeballs in my book (even though you don't want to set up your email account). I make exceptions but only for YOU. I love your face right off and your answers had me cracking up!

Roomba is overrated. No really. It is. I have one sitting in a close that never gets used. It kinda scares me a little bit too.

So what time did LBB get up this morning? Just curious.

Team Edward huh? Well, we may have to break up. I'm Team Jacob and I always will be.

Thanks for linking up with us (and I'm sure this will be the last time which makes me sad). You are a HOOT. What is a hoot anyway?

Johanson Family said...

Okay, so.... setting aside that I was completely snubbed as Mamarazzi said in the intro to the whole WWTK link party-- I"m glad you hopped off the horse to join in some FUN! :)
I'd give my left arm to get to sleep in. I don't even think my body knows what that means anymore!! And dang, why I didn't think of a man to be on the island with me!!! Great one!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is a fun survey. :) I had no idea you were such a Twilight fan! Lol.

PS. I adore Sex & The Single Girl. I did a post about it a while ago. It was based on the groundbreaking and bestselling non-fiction book of the same name. It was also the inspiration for Sex & The City 30 years later.

Paige said...

oh man that would be the BEST luxury item ever! sleep sleep sleepity sleep

Penny Lane said...

I don't really understand the meme thing, and I am supposed to be young and hip and up to date with this stuff, oh well.

But I would bring a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen too, and do dirty things to it.

Baloney said...

I'm really jealous that you get to wake up when you want. Maybe I should make that my super power - the ability to change time. I could stop the world and sleep til I was ready for the day.
My luxury item would totally be a chauffeur. I don't want to drive anymore. I keep telling my husband to play the lottery so he can buy me one.

thoughtsappear said...

Team Edward huh? Who knew?

I'm totally with you on the vacuum. And the bodyguard? Nice! Way to think it through.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I can't read "Roomba" without thinking of the SNL skit "Woomba." I can never own one now.

Dawn said...

Common sense does really seem to be a super power that most don't possess.

Team Edward made me spit my coffee!

Great answers, LBB!

XLMIC said...

You never fail to bring me to tears... of laughter! well, practically never.

Sandra said...

Your Edward Cullen cutout! Just when I thought you couldn't get hotter!

Mona said...

Yea, You ARE a blog snob. Just as I am a blog whimsy!

I did not know that you have to have wolverine claws to get you your ladies in your country!

I want that robot too!

I have the luxury item of your wish...I work in the evenings! :P

I want BOTH wisdom AND wealth

I did not know that pigs need to be exploded before being eaten!

Shabbygal said...

LMAO, would love that luxury item myself! I would think the manservant with survival skills would probably be 100% not gay without saying! Would also love that super power! Oh I know who I would induce it upon immediatly! Traci

Mrs4444 said...

I could really use that power to induce common sense. I had a student (or four) with none of it this year. "Seriously, kid? It's May 31st and you STILL think you get evade my eyes-in-the-back-of-my-head awareness? Can't you just do what you're supposed to do?!" GRRRR 3.5 days left...